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Werner Farm Wagon

As far as we know," states Connie, "there is currently nobody building his or her own brand of wagon, as did John Deere, Studebaker, etc. With this in mind, we decided to build our own "Werner Farm Wagon”. It will be a limited edition of 50, of which we'll retain the first. Each wagon will be, beautifully constructed out of the finest woods of the types used in original farm wagons and pin-striped by a local artist. They will be numbered on the front of the rear axle, the bottom of the box and the bottom of the seat. The wagon is also marked with the Werner name on the sides of the box, the front and rear axle and the back of the seat. Is it time for you to have your own Werner Farm Wagon?

1705 Yates Ave, Horton, Kansas 66439 785-486-3758