Preserving the Past for the Future est. 1988

Parts and Option List….Please call for price


Standard wagon seat


Lazy back wagon seat


Natural finish clear coat - hardware black


Painting only on running gear & double box


Hard rubber tiring 2"


Hard rubber tiring 2 1/2"


Large front or side jockey box - 14" x 24" x 8"


Small front or side jockey box - 8" x 16" x 6"


Wagon Bow's - 2" x 1/2" x 14'


#12 Duck canvass custom fit with tie off hooks


Privacy end curtains


Water barrel - 15 gallon


Deluxe cowboy chuck box - 40" tall - 3 drawers - 2 lg. shelves


Economy chuck box with 2 shelves


Underneath wagon box pan box


Extra storage boxes under water barrel left side


Side kitchen chuck box - 14" x 30" x 36"


Slatted pan rack topside chuck box


Feed trough fits on wagon tongue


Draft Single trees


Sword End Singletrees


Draft Neck yokes


Acorn End Neck Yokes


Draft Double tree complete


Complete ironed wagon tongue


Wagon tongue blanks


Wagon hammer strap


Wagon tongue end cap


Wagon brake rub block


Wood Axle Blanks (Made to fit your skeins)


Wagon replacement bolsters - front


Wagon replacement bolsters - rear


Spring wagon pole & double tree assembly


Horse drop heel shafts


Draft drop heel shafts


Horse double bend shafts


Draft double bend shafts


Wagon Seat Springs


Wagon Seat Hangers


Roller Rub Irons


Wagon Box Rub Irons


Axle Clips and Bars


Shaft Eyes (3/8" Holes)


Footman Loops


Pole End Caps


Shaft Couplers


Fancy End Head Blocks


Doubletree Clevis


Single Tree Castors


Single Tree Yokes


Trace Holders (Spring Type)


Tailgate Spring Latches


Shaft Cross Piece


Shaft Circle Bar


Hook End Single Trees (36")


Brake Lever


Brake Racket


Brake Pivot


Wagon Complete Brake Assembly



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